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Bike Kitchens, or Pyöräpajas as they’re called in Finnish, can be found in several cities across Finland. These Bike Kitchens are open to everyone, free of charge, and operate on a non-commercial, do-it-yourself basis, allowing individuals to maintain and build bicycles while connecting with like-minded people.

people fixing bikes at bike kitchen

Kuopio Bike Kitchen. Photo: Maiju Pääkkönen

Bike Kitchens work on a do-it-yourself basis, so everyone works on their own bikes using tools provided at the facilities. The spaces are communal and maintained by volunteers who offer assistance and guidance when requested.

pyörän vanteita pyöräpajan seinällä

Helsinki Bike Kitchen. Photo: Hemmo Rättyä

In addition to bike maintenance, Bike Kitchens serve as meeting places for the local cycling community, often hosting events such as film screenings, concerts, and bicycle part flea markets.

For cyclists traveling through Finland, bike kitchens are excellent stops, offering the opportunity to service their bikes during their journey and providing a chance to engage with the local cycling community.

Left: Helsinki Bike Kitchen, Hemmo Rättyä. Right Tampere Bike Kitchen, guitarist Paavo Ojanpelto, photo Heikki Kerppilä.

Bike kitchens can be found in Turku, Kotka, Tampere, Joensuu, Kuopio, Vantaa and two in Helsinki; Helsingin Pyöräpaja and Satumaan Dynamo. For more information about each kitchen's activities, you can visit their websites or find them on social media. You can find all the locations also from the map below.

Have a great bike trip!

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