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Finland has a ton of cycling routes that offer unforgettable experiences and stunning landscapes. We previously listed Finland's classic cycling routes, and now it's time to introduce the new favorite routes and destinations. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced adventurer, there are options for everyone, from shorter day trips to multi-day bikepacking adventures.

lahti hiekkatie

Photo: Visit Lahti

Cycling in the Lahti Region

The diverse and versatile terrain, as well as the waterways, make the Lahti region a fantastic cycling destination where cyclists can enjoy winding forest trails and rolling rural roads. The area is also home to the Salpausselkä UNESCO Global Geopark, where you can explore a unique landscape shaped by meltwater at the end of the Ice Age. The terrain offers a ton of climbs and exciting descents. In the Lahti region, there are multiple gravel and bikepacking routes available, ranging from evening rides to multi-day bikepacking adventures. In the autumn, the Nordic Gravel Series - Falling Leaves Lahti event is also organized, providing a great way to explore the region's gravel routes.

tupa ja pyörä lapissa

Photo: Taneli Roininen


The Arctic by Cycle Bikepacking Route Network consists of 2000km of gravel, quad-track, and single-track bikepacking routes that cover the area from the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland to the Arctic Ocean in Northern Norway. The routes connect the villages, National Parks, wilderness areas, 100+ wilderness shelters, sights, landmarks, and the services into a versatile network of some stunning bikepacking routes. All the routes are designed to be accessible by public transportation, which makes hopping on and off the routes relatively easy, considering that you’re in one of the largest wilderness areas in Europe, covering three times the size of Belgium.

The routes are divided into MTB and gravel routes, with lengths ranging from 100 kilometers to over 1000 kilometers, allowing you to easily choose the bikepacking experience that suits you. On the longest route, the 1140-kilometer Central Lapland Gravel Loop, cyclists can extensively explore both Western and Eastern Lapland, while the 430-kilometer Arctic Post Road route takes cyclists from Ylläs all the way to Alta on the Norwegian side, crossing through the wilderness of Finland and Norway.

yyterin hiekkasärkät

Photo: Selkämeren Elämysreitti I Porin Polkupyöräilijät ry


The Selkämeri Experience Route is 84 kilometers long, offering cyclists a comprehensive summer experience as it takes them through beautiful coastal nature, nostalgic heritage landscapes, and idyllic villas. The route is divided into four stages, where both cycling enthusiasts and those embarking on a slightly longer journey for the first time will find the necessary services and activities.

The Pori-Kallo stage takes you from the blooming Hanhipuisto to the sandy dunes of Yyteri and onwards to the rocky island of Kallo. The route from Reposaari to Ahlainen captivates with its archipelago landscapes, while the Ahlainen-Noormarkku route takes cyclists through heritage landscapes to the Noormarkku ironworks area. The route from Noormarkku to Pori passes through the cultural landscape of Söörmarkku. You can ride the entire route or enjoy each individual stage at your own pace, either completing it in one go or staying overnight along the way!

sipoonkorpi metsätie

Photo: Teemu Oksanen I South by Cycle


The South by Cycle Bikepacking Trail Network is a collection of natural sights, cultural history and romantic countryside connected by some of the best gravel roads and gravel-bike-friendly single track . The routes flow from village to village through the endless lush coastal forests connecting the hotels, restaurants and pubs as well as and the many wilderness shelters of the Uusimaa and Kymenlaakso area. The nearly 900-kilometer trail system offers quality time on wheels to anyone from a self-sufficient mountain goat to boutique hotel-loving gravel gazelle.

The longest route, Kouvola-Hanko, is approximately 550 kilometers long and is suitable for both leisurely enjoyment and adventurous spirits. You can ride the entire route in one go or savor the experience as weekend trips: the route is conveniently accessible by train, bus, or metro. Other route options provided by South by Cycle include the West Uusimaa Loop (293 km), Ring G (122 km), Nuuksio National Park Overnighter (90 km) and Sipoonkorpi National Park Overnighter (88 km).

ranta punkaharju

Photo: Pihlajaveden Polkaisu I Visit Savonlinna


You can experience Lake Saimaa from the saddle with Savonlinna's new cycling routes. A leisurely activity of for summer day is offered by the 65-kilometer Lake Pihlajavesi cycling route, where you cycle through varied rural and lake landscapes, and enjoy an hour-long cruise on the waters of Lake Saimaa, home to the Saimaa ringed seal. Savonlinna's longer routes, The Haukivesi Circuit and The Two National Parks Cycle Route, provide an excellent opportunity to explore the area's national parks, idyllic countryside villages, and lake views more extensively. Accommodation options and rest areas have been planned along the long routes, making it easy to plan your cycling trip.

pyöräiljät, lato ja auringonlasku

Photo: Rami Valonen I Bikeland


Finland is a long and diverse cycling country, which offers experiences for both the pleasure seeker and the adventurer. There are routes to ride all over Finland, and Bikeland helps you find the best destinations and routes. At Bikeland, you can find routes for all riding styles, Welcome Cyclist services and tips for planning a bike trip. Start planning your summer bike trip now!

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